Learning Expectations

School-Wide Learning Expectations

It is the belief of St. Joseph School that to educate a student in the image of God, we must instruct the whole child. The academic, spiritual, social, and physical domains of the student’s character must all be addressed. With this in mind, St. Joseph School graduates are prepared to INSPIRE and be:

Inspired Christians

  • Demonstrate the basic values of our Catholic faith.
  • Live the Gospel values by respecting all of God’s creation and growing in a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Have a basic knowledge of Scripture, Liturgy, and the teachings of the Church.
  • Are aware of and appreciate other faiths.

Nurturing Individuals

  • Display good sportsmanship through respect and compassion for others.
  • Know how to listen with empathy and openness.
  • Understand and respect different points of view.

Strategic Thinkers

  • Apply problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in academic and daily life.
  • Read, analyze, and comprehend the materials presented throughout the curriculum.
  • Develop strong study, research, and organizational skills.

Productive Members of Society

  • Contributes to school local, and global communities through personal and community service.
  • Appreciates and understands our multicultural society.
  • Are positive role models.
  • Are aware of world issues.

Individually Aware

  • Make good choices and take responsibility for their actions.
  • Recognize, appreciate, and accept his/her own unique gifts and talents and affirms the same in others.
  • Are self-motivated to set goals, to work to accomplish them, and to evaluate progress made.
  • Understand and model good nutritional and physical health habits.

Respectful Communicators

  • Express ideas and personal values in both written and oral form.
  • Listen and respond to the ideas of others.

Educationally Well-Rounded

  • Participate in physical fitness, technology, and the arts.

St. Joseph complies with the Catholic School Department Diocese of Sacramento standards.