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About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve our community in forming young girls and boys mindful of their ability to shape their future, dedicated to giving the very best of themselves, and capable of rising to the diverse challenges in our ever-changing world.


St. Joseph School (K-8) serves students from diverse backgrounds and from broad geographic areas. The school has been an established part of the Redding community since 1946, when the Sisters of Mercy held the first classes in the church basement on Court Street. At the time, enrollment was only 35 students.

By 1953, a new school was completed on Gold Street and a year later the first commencement exercise for St. Joseph School was held. During the 1990s, St. Joseph expanded the facilities by adding a new wing including a science lab and music room. These additions kept in line with our mission of educating the whole child. Beginning in 2014, the current wave of renovations began. Restrooms were remodeled, classrooms updated with the technology integral to a 21st century classroom, mobile computer and tablet labs were established, and a new office and campus entry are being finalized to increase the overall safety of the campus. In the fall, we will open our new engineering computer lab for the Project Lead the Way Gateway program.

St. Joseph is an outstanding educational community due to the dreams, hard work, support and cooperation of countless stakeholders for decades. Thousands of children have benefited from this dedication. As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, we rededicate ourselves in service to our community.


St. Joseph Catholic School strives for excellence in spiritual, academic, social, and physical development. Rooted in the legacy of Catholic education in the United States and inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, St. Joseph School provides a nurturing environment dedicated to a timeless and proven product. The school recognizes and acknowledges that parents are the primary educators of their children’s faith while teachers are the facilitators of their learning. St. Joseph School values the uniqueness of each student and is dedicated to upholding their dignity as a created in God’s image. This recognition extends to our approach to instruction and our dedication to each child.

A ministry of St. Joseph Parish