As more and more of your hard earned income floods into public school through taxes, our Catholic Community must come together to find ways to increase our support for Catholic Education in our area. Here are some ways you can help Saint Joseph School thrive in an ever changing world; here are some way you can ensure we are preparing a generation of young people ready to make this a better world.

Two of the most substantial financial methods to support the school are through a general donation to the school, a donation to the endowment, or a donation to a specific cause. General donations may be made online by clicking the “Donate” button at the top of this webpage, or you may download the form for Endowment Donations. To donate to a specific cause see the following options: School Supplies or Annual Tuition Appeal

With more an more of our families caught up in the workforce, we need more community volunteers to fulfill roles traditionally fulfilled by parents. Volunteers who work directly with the students are fingerprinted and take an online course, Shield the Vulnerable. Make a difference in the life of a child; become a volunteer!

Social Media

Facebook is a zero cost way to support our school. Help get the word out about what we are doing for our community!