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Mercy Christmas Dash

The COOLEST most COLORFUL run/walk of the season!

The COOLEST most COLORFUL run/walk of the season!

The dash is held on the gulch course carved into the seven acres behind the school. The trail runs along a forgotten historic part of the Redding community including crossing over an old stone and iron creek bridge. It is a beautiful run through the trees, over the creek, and through the campus.

Color Run Fun

This is a color run! We will have a color cannon event at the start of the run/walk and color powder stations throughout the run, as well as provide runners with their own dash of color powder at the finish to put on the finishing touches for great pictures with family and friends!

Dress UP!

Embrace the spirit of our color run by dressing up for the event with friends. Whether it is dressing like little Christmas elves, wearing a tutu, or just dressing in white so the color powder really shows, embrace the spirit of the event and dress silly.

For more information visit our MCCD Facebook page or the event registration site here.

All proceeds to benefit Saint Joseph School – Redding