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Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week, January 31- February 6, 2022

Catholic Schools Week is an opportunity for our school community to celebrate our many great benefits. Please join us by participating in the various activities that will be available to students, families and the community of prospective families.

Monday - Celebrate our Community & Nation

Students will participate in kindness efforts around campus & for the Redding community. Drivers on Gold Street and Airpark will be able to experience the drive-thru kindness tunnel!

Tuesday - Celebrate Vocations

Students will share various local vocations by bringing photos of their family to a school community board on campus for all to see

Wednesday - Celebrate Service

Students will contribute to the Kind Coins Campaign, helping raise money for students in Peru to help bring technology to their schools

Thursday - Celebrate Students

Students will enjoy BINGO & fun!

Friday - Celebrate Faculty, Staff & Volunteers

Students will share their gratitude with the volunteers of the school, the many individuals who help keep things moving forward behind the scenes.

Learn more about the week here: About Catholic Schools Week