Lindy Mangas Lindy Mangas,
Transitional Kindergarten

Coming in 2017 - Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional kindergarten serves as a bridge between preschool and kindergarten, giving children more time for hands-on, interactive learning.

Transitional kindergarten provides children with the gift of time to learn skills that will help them build a strong foundation for success in elementary school.

Transitional kindergarten gives children the opportunity to spend time learning important social, emotional and academic skills that will help them succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Transitional kindergarten provides young learners with high-quality kindergarten readiness, to ensure that they have an opportunity to continue learning.

Transitional kindergarten helps children adjust to the school environment & develop strong learning skills. Transitional kindergarten provides student with an opportunity to start their elementary school experience with children their own age, and with teachers that can tailor lesson plans to their needs.

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