St. Joseph School, Redding, CA St. Joseph School, Redding, CA St. Joseph School, Redding, CA

Welcome to St. Joseph School

We Are Saint Joseph

Sitting aside Saint Joseph Parish atop the west Redding hill rests Shasta County’s premier Catholic college preparatory TK-8 school. At Saint Joseph School we foster the growth of each student as a sacred individual, in a safe environment that promotes Gospel values, Catholic traditions, and academic excellence.

Our well-rounded curriculum includes the traditional disciplines as well as performing arts, computer science, robotics and engineering, religious studies, service projects, and public speaking. Students are nurtured as unique individuals. Instruction hinges on high expectations and generating a diverse set of skills to ensure all our students are ready to compete and excel in an ever-changing, complex world.

It is our ardent prayer that together, with the grace of God, we will shine forth from this beautiful school on the hill so our children may be the light of our world.

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School-Wide Learning Expectations

It is the belief of St. Joseph School that to educate a student in the image of God, we must instruct the whole child. The academic, spiritual, social and physical domains of the student’s character must all be addressed. With this in mind, St. Joseph School graduates are prepared to INSPIRE and be:

  • Inspired Christians

    Inspired Christians

    Demonstrate the basic values of our Catholic faith.

  • Nurturing Individuals

    Nurturing Individuals

    Display good sportsmanship through respect and compassion for others.

  • Strategic Thinkers

    Strategic Thinkers

    Apply problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in academic and daily life.

  • Productive Members of Society

    Productive Members of Society

    Contributes to school local, and global communities through personal and community service.

  • Individually Aware

    Individually Aware

    Make good choices and take responsibility for their actions.

  • Respectful Communicators

    Respectful Communicators

    Express ideas and personal values in both written and oral form.

  • Educationally Well-Rounded

    Educationally Well-Rounded

    Participate in physical fitness, technology and the arts.